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Children’s Bay Park is a 200 Hectare peninsular of land located in Akaroa Harbour just 80 minutes from Christchurch. It is a beautiful piece of land surrounded by two harbours. Approximately 100 Hectares is in native bush. The other half of the land is an operating farm running a small high-quality herd of Angus cattle that graze the grass faces and ridges.


The farm was purchased around 15 years ago by the Rolleston family. Over the last 12 years, the family has been re-fencing native gullies to keep the stock out, trapping pests, creating wetlands and planting native plants endemic to Banks Peninsula. To date around 20,000 plants have been planted. 
Approximately seven years ago a walking track was created to link the communities of Takamatua and Akaroa together. This track provided a safe and beautiful walk for the locals. The word has got out over the years and with the addition of the Giraffe and Rhino, the Children's Bay Walk is now more commonly referred to as the Rhino Walk. 
More recently the family has opened up further tracks that now link the entire headland peninsular and form a figure 8 loop of the park. There are further areas marked for wetlands and planting also. 
This is a wonderful conservation project that is developing in the heart of Akaroa. We welcome all visitors to the park to come and explore for yourself. There is signage marking the various walks, please stick to the tracks, don't climb fences or gates that take you off the tracks, take all rubbish with you, keep your dogs under control. 
Many thanks and we hope you have a great time exploring Children's Bay Park.
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